James has been fascinated by wildlife since he was a boy and has written on all aspects of the natural world for a range of publications. He travels several weeks each year in search of wildlife, from the Andes of Ecuador and the savannah of East Africa to the teak forests of central India and the traditional farming landscapes of the Balkans. He enjoys discovering all types of wildlife and plants but, if pushed, would probably admit to getting most excited about birds and butterflies.

Click below to see examples of his work. James has also appeared on the Radio Four programme Excess Baggage; click here to listen. He also leads overseas tours, most recently to Macedonia in the summers of 2014, 2015 and 2016 (click here to see the wildlife report from that last trip), to northern Greece in February 2017 and to Macedonia and northern Greece again in June 2018. In July 2019 he will be leading a tour to the Pantanal in Brazil.

Baku, summer 2018
Walking with Rhinos

Baku, autumn 2017

Baku, summer 2017

Baku, autumn 2016

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Displaying Birds

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Saving Russia’s Big Cats

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There’s No Tiger Without Taiga

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S.O.S. Save Our Swans

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The Bird that thinks it’s a Cow: Hoatzins

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La Brenne

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Spanish Steppe

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Maidscross Hill

BBC Wildlife June 2010
Bears and Leopards in Satpura, India

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Animals Can Talk and We’re Listening

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Where Thrushes Fear to Fly: Birdtrapping in Sardinia

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The Song of the Lark and the Hum of the M1

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Still Life

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Flamingo Force: Po Delta

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Walk on the Wild Side

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French Leave: le Pays des Maures

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The Mighty Elm Tree Rises Again

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Living on the Edge: the Aran Islands